A breakaway favorite among our test group, our "Prodigaul" is a straight knife with a ribbed spine and full tang. All-purpose tactical folding knife. Our first necker. Frame locks are rad! We just love the look of a knife with a single scale Made by Grand master martial artist Bram Frank Designed to be the smallest, lightest, most utililitarian neck knife possible  Knife from growing segment of the tactical knife market: runts

At the time of our world debut, a total of 8 big ideas for small budgets will round out our lineup. With twice as many original designs in the works. As we become recognized as a leader in value-priced combat gear, we’ll begin to show you and the rest of the world just how far your cutlery currency will go when you remain loyal to combat ready. Please see our eight debut models here, and check back periodically to discover new additions to our lineup.

L1 Tactical WY6
L1 Tactical WY6
"All Purpose Tactical Folder"
Tactical Neck Knife
"Necker Primo"
L1 Tactical WY6
"Framed Tanto"
L2 Tactical
"Puzzle Darko"
L2 Tactical
"Grumpler DP"
"Uptown Necker"

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