A breakaway favorite among our test group, our "Prodigaul" is a straight knife with a ribbed spine and full tang. All-purpose tactical folding knife. Our first necker. Frame locks are rad! We just love the look of a knife with a single scale Made by Grand master martial artist Bram Frank Designed to be the smallest, lightest, most utililitarian neck knife possible  Knife from growing segment of the tactical knife market: runts

Welcome to Combat Ready Knives. Within these pages, discover dollar for dollar, the very best value in knives today. As an organization, we strive to create great designs for today’s users of combat blades. From our compact “uptown necker” to our large and in-charge “Prodigaul” fixed blade, you’ll certainly find something that is just right for your particular application. Sure the quality of each of our designs reigns supreme in our category, but the best trait that every Combat Ready design carries is it’s lifetime warranty. No exceptions, just the right back-up at the right time, just in case you should ever need it. Enjoy.

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